Individual Personal Accident and Illness

Individual Personal Accident and Illness insurance provides protection in the event of death and disablement from an accident.

Individuals and sole traders can benefit from knowing their income will be protected in the event they suffer an accident or illness and cannot continue their usual occupation for a period of time. Capital

Illness can be included in the policy, over recent times the number of insurers offering cover for Illness Benefits has reduced substantially.

Policies can include cover for Accidental Death and Disablement, these lump sum benefits are paid in the event of an Accident, in the event of death, or Disablement following both Accident or Illness and can support the insured persons family or business through an undoubtedly difficult time.

The illness benefit will also include cover for Covid 19, albeit with a slightly longer excess period.

The maximum term available is 1 year, renewable.

  • We can provide the whole gambit of cover ranging from Clerical employees all the way through to Off-shore Oil Workers; Maritime Security; High Profile or High net worth individuals.
  • Clients can opt for Accidental Death only, Death and Capital Benefits or they can include Temporary Total Disablement from their usual occupation (resulting from Accident and/or Sickness).
  • Various Operative times available – whether you need cover 24/7 worldwide or only when at work, for example.

Standard age limits are up to 65 years for Illness and 71 years for Personal Accident.

Cover can be tailored to the specific needs of your client, such as:

  • AD Only cover, useful in cases where a life insurance application is taking longer than expected and a stop gap cover is required.
  • Joint Life, Second Death – with a benefit payable in the event that both insured persons suffer an Accidental Death within the specified period.
  • PTD Only cover, which is specified by some companies in respect of key employees such as the CEO.

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