European Update

In November last year we were delighted to announce the launch of our new Specialty binder with Lloyd’s Brussels via our Belgian brokerage Classic Financial Services. This was the culmination of a year’s work and allowed us to provide our top-quality service once again to our brokers and clients within the EU.

We have been delighted with the initial uptake from our existing brokers who also have setup EU operations to handle this business. We have had plenty of enquiries and risks bound already – so we are anticipating a very good year for European business, especially as we are filling a niche that was previously provided by several providers who decided not to continue post Brexit.

We have also seen a large increases in ‘global’ policies, where a company has multiple European offices as well as a UK HQ. Luckily, we can write these as one policy via Lloyd’s Brussels which ensures all employees have the same great cover and also reduces administration.